Posters High Gloss

Engage with your clientele with our High Gloss Posters which are printed on 100lb gloss paper stock.

If you are planning on advertising in an indoor space, then our High Gloss Posters are the ideal choice for you. These posters are durable, rich in colour, enhances images and are sure to catch the eye of your potential target audience. 

Guidelines for designing posters

Make it easy to read 

Posters are normally read from a distance or while on the go, therefore it must instantly catch the attention of the reader and be easy to read. Use big and bold headlines and make sure to provide the main details in simple but informative text. For maximum results, provide rack cards or pamphlets that will go along with the poster material. 

Use attractive colours 

Ensure that you design a poster that will reflect your brand or business in a positive manner. Pay special attention to design, text while making sure to pick colours & images that coordinate with your logo. Try to keep your poster clean and easy to read. Avoid cluttering it with too much information and images. 

Pick the right size 

Print your poster based on where you will be placing it. We at Zoo Print offer an array of sizes to suit various locations and spaces. Have a look and decide on what size will best suit your need


12 x 1825---
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