Item# HS438

High Security Cheque
(One-to-a-Page) Manual

These High Security cheque offers you the highest level of security from cheque fraud on the market today. These cheques are 1-to-A-Page, and are the most common cheques ordered. They come with a stub so you can keep a record when issuing cheques. The stub is perforated so you can easily separate it from the cheque. 


All orders go through proprietary screening to prevent unauthorized orders.

These cheques have Built-in security which is trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide and are 100% CPA Compliant.

Security Features

  • Warning Boarder
  • Microprinted Borders
  • High Security Background Pattern
  • Original Document Backer
  • High-Resolution Border Elements
  • Visible Fibers
  • Chemically sensitive paper
  • Toner Adhesion
  • True Watermark
  • Multi Colour, Dimensional Hologram
  • Invisible fluorescent fibres
  • Anti-Copy Technology
  • Chemical-Wash Detection Area
  • Thermochromic Ink

Availability: Ships to Canada Only

Other Options: Standard Security & Medium Security

Standard Security OptionMedium Security OptionHigh Security Option
Standard SecurityMedium SecurityHigh Security

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