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Car & Truck Magnets

Vehicle Magnet 30mil

Promote your business wherever you go. With our custom car magnets, you can easily promote your business on your car or truck. There is no need to make a commitment, remove the magnet as needed. They are the perfect marketing tool for any business, plus they9 are waterproof, easy to store.

We see these used by a lot of contractors; they apply them to their vehicle to promote their own business. Then remove the magnets when working on sites they are subcontracted to. It's quick easy and solution for any business.

Size:   9"X9"         9"X12"        9"X18"       9"X24"

            12"X12"    12"X18"     12'X24"       18"X18"

                18"X24"     24"X24"

Printings: 30mil magnet font only(4/0)

Special Instructions

When using Vehicle Magnets ensure you clean and dry the surface before applying the magnet. Regularly wipe down the magnets to keep them clean and if you are using them during the winter months ensure you clean off road salt as it can damage them.

Remember to remove the magnets before a car wash.

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