Item #DA00312

Lawn Signs (1-2 Colour)

Custom Lawn Signs" | Yard Signs | or Post Signs

1-2 colours these signs come double sided and you can add H-Frames. Although these are refered to as "Lawn Signs" they are used by all types of business.

These bag signs are the ideal advertising tool for Roofers, Interlocking, Window & Door Installers, Electricians, Snow Removal, Lawn Care, Panting, Spa Advertisements, Moving Companies etc.  Often these bag signs are also used as "Slow down Children at Play" warning signs.

Printing type: Screen Printed 
Coverage: Standard or Reverse
Print Colors:  Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Burgundy, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black, Gray & White
Minor defects are common in screen printing, however at the normal viewing distance these are not noticable. We train our staff to reduce the occurance of these issues. 
We use standard stock inks, and will select the best color to match your artwork.

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