Postcard Enviro Friendly

Keep it eco-friendly by sending our postcards that our printed on our 100% recycled 13pt uncoated paper.

If you care about the environment then our Enviro Freindly Postcards are perfect for you. Super food stores, organic stores, skincare clinics, vegan restaurants etc. can specially benefit from our Enviro Postcards that are printed on recycled paper. Should you require a nice matte finish, consider upgrading to a thicker paper. 

Guidelines for designing Postcards

Call to Action

Before printing a postcard, try to determine the purpose of your card. It could be to announce a launch, promotion or simply to create more brand awareness. Whatever the reason might be, always encourage your reader to contact you. Unconventional and unique postcards such as magnetic cards are a great way to ensure that your clientele keeps your material. 

Colours and Images

Adding in a lot of vibrant colours and images is a sure way to grab your customers attention. Try to come up with an eye-catching design with appropriate fonts and texts

Compelling Copy

Keep your text short and simple. No one likes to read cluttered and messy copy. Make sure to only add necessary information that the customer can read and retain easily. 


Always ensure that your postcards are high in quality and feel by selecting the appropriate finish and style. Zoo Print offers a range of postcard printing options including silk finishes, gloss finishes etc. Go through our array of options and select the style that best suits your business. 


Zoo Print offers an array of postcard sizes in order to ensure that we meet various customer needs. So, don’t be afraid to go as big or as small as you like! 

Bonus Tip

Postcards can be used at events, product launches, meetings etc. but they are also great for mailing out. If you own a real estate agency, restaurant, salon, clothing store etc. don’t hesitate to print out your services, promotions, deals etc. on postcards and send it out to your potential target market.

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