Photo Cards

Give your family and friends a gift from the heart with our Photo Card!

Pick your favourite photos and turn them in to precious photo cards! These cards are the perfect personalized gift to send out to your family and friends. 

Guidelines for designing Photo Cards

Photo Quality

Make sure to select photos that are of high quality. The images should be clear bright and focused. Avoid using photos taken with a phone as these images tend to be of low quality and pixelated. 

Personalize your message 

Be it for business or personal use, try to include a meaningful message in your photo card that suits the occasion and need. For business holiday cards, try to avoid religious messages and add a generic seasonal message in order to be respectful to different beliefs. 

Choose the correct size 

We offer an array of styles and sizes to suit various customer needs. Choose your photo card size based on the size of your original photo and the length of your message. 

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