Moving Announce Luxury

 Let them know about your big move with a touch of class and luxury with our Linen Moving Cards which are printed on 13pt linen paper stock.

Our Linen Moving Cards have a classy texture that looks and feels great! These moving cards are sure to impress your family, friends and clients. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, consider our Enviro Moving Cards. 

Guidelines on designing Moving Cards

Add Images

Try to add images to your moving cards as this appeals to a lot of people. This is true especially if your business is relocating. Have a picture of your new location along with a small map. This will help your customers recognize your new location. 

Make use of marketing 

If you are a business, tie in special promotions, offers and discounts along with your moving announcement cards. Zoo Print offers double sided printing; therefore, you could add the special offers on the back of the moving card. You could also choose folded announcements with envelopes. 

Key Details

Make sure to include important information such as your full address, directions or a map. It is also necessary to include when the move will happen and the operating house of your business or store.

Find the finish that suits you

Consider your target market and find the finish that suits you best. We offer four premium finishes that cater to various clients. Luxury and High Gloss finishes are eye catching and great for businesses while our Enviro finish is great for those who wish to preserve the environment. 

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