Magnet Postcards

Impress your customers by sending our Custom Magnetic Postcards!

Magnetic Postcards are a great way to ensure that your customer remembers your brand and business on a regular basis. These postcards will look great on a fridge and will guarantee that your customers will always have your information at hand. 

Guidelines for designing Magnetic Postcards 

Include your contact information 

Make sure to include all your contact information including your phone number, website, e-mail and social media handles. Custom magnet postcards are removable so your customer may refer to it on the move, therefore, it is important to all the necessary contact information on the magnet itself. 

Chose the correct size

We offer four magnetic postcard sizes to cater to various customer needs. Choose the size that best suits your need and design your postcard accordingly. 

Creative copy

Use a bold and eye-catching headline to catch the customer’s attention! Make sure to use easy to read, short sentences so that the customer can glance at your postcard and retain the information they need fast and easy. Try to keep your copy short and concise. If your customer requires more information, direct them to your website. 

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