Car Door Magnets

Promote your business wherever you with our custom Car Door Magnets!

Get the message our to masses by promoting your business with our stylish Car Door Magnets! Please note that our Door Magnets can be used on most metal surfaces and not just on your car. 

Guidelines for designing Car Magnets 

Keep it simple

A Car Magnet needs to be seen from afar, therefore keep your message short and simply so that I can be read easily. Use easy to read fonts, bold headlines and a clear image. 

Choose the correct size

Customize the size of your vehicle magnet based on where you will place it. Delivery Vans will benefit frim out largest magnet size of 24”x24” while smaller vehicles can use square or rectangular car magnets as small as 9”x9”.

Corner Style

If you want to go for a more elegant and stylish look, go for our rounded corner option. 

Include all the relevant details

Make sure to include your company name, logo, website and phone number on your magnet. Try to incorporate your company colours in your magnet design for better brand recognition. 

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