Bookmark Silk Laminated

Get that smooth finish that you want with our Silk Laminated Bookmarks.

If you are looking to promote an upscale business or event, our Silk Bookmarks are the perfect fit. These can be used to promote stores, clothing stores, restaurants, real estate firms etc. If you are looking for a bright finish, try our High Gloss Bookmarks. 

Guidelines for designing a Book Mark

Keep it clear 

As always, less is more. So, keep your message short and simple. For maximum results, include a catchy bold headline and include only the most necessary details. 

Double it 

Benefit from double-sided bookmark printing by using a catchy headline to grab the readers attention and using the back to provide more details. 

Quality Matters

Bookmarks are used quite often, therefore we ensure that we print on premium paper stock for maximum durability. 

Call to Action

A bookmark is a marketing tool that will be used over and over by your target clientele, so make sure to include all the relevant contact information so that your customers can reach you easily.

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