Rack Card Silk Laminated

 Item# ARC1002

Experience a touch of class with our Silk Laminated Rack Cards that are printed on 16pt quality paper stock.

Impress your clients with the silky-smooth feel of our Silk Rack Cards. These cards are ideal for salons, spas, clinics, restaurants etc. that want to advertise their offers and services. 

Guidelines for designing Rack Cards 

Know you audience 

Rack Cards are effective with customers who are traveling or on-the-go. Dental & Medical Clinics, Salons, Spas, Pop up stores etc. especially benefit from Rack Cards. Figure out who your target audience is and then create a design that will appeal to them. 

Stand out from the clutter  

Since rack cards are placed amidst many other rack cards, ensure that yours stands out from the rest by creating a professional design with colorful and relevant images. 

Keep it clean 

Avoid adding too much information in your rack card. Use a catchy headline and then use short paragraphs or preferably bullet points to get your message across. Be sure to direct readers to your website or store for more details and information. 

Pick the right size

We offer a variety of sizes but rack cards are commonly designed to fit 4”x9” cards. It is recommended that you measure the rack that your cards will be placed in and use correct specifications before printing your cards. Keep in mind that long or large shaped cards will help it stand out from the rest.  

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