Postcard Calendars

Remind your customers of your brand and business all year long with our Custom Postcard Calendar!

Zoo Print offers customized Postcard Calendar printing to suit various customer requirements. Postcard Calendars are a great to send out with packaged orders or simply to place them by your cash register. 

Guidelines for designing Postcard Calendars 

Include the important details 

Postcard calendars and effective and efficient marketing tool. Therefore, make sure to include all the important details suck as your logo, company website, address and contact information.

Pick the correct size

We offer an array of sizes with our largest size being at 8.5”x5.5”, so choose your Postcard calendar size based on your requirements. If you are conducting a big marketing campaign, we recommend you choose one of our larger sizes in order to make a big impact. 

Choose a theme

Design your Postcard Calendar with a theme. A theme will help to boost brand recognition while giving all your promotional material a more uniform look. 

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