Magnet Business Cards

Make sure your customers hold on to your contact information with our personalized Magnetic Business Cards!

Magnet Business Cards are the perfect way to ensure that your customers have access to your information at any given time. 

Guidelines for designing Magnetic business cards

Include your contact information 

Business cards are used by most professionals to keep in touch, therefore it is crucial to include all relevant information in your design. Make sure to include your logo, name, title, company name, phone number and e-mail. Double check all details to see if its accurate before sending it out to be printed.  

Be unique

Stand out from the clutter by designing a unique business card. Use special fonts and colour to enhance your design. Ensure that your business card compliments your other promotional material. 

Choose the correct size 

We offer a standard business card magnet size of 3.5”x2” dimension. Please allow .125” bleed when designing a business card. This ensures that your design fits perfectly on the card without any white space after trimming. 


Keep it clean! Make sure that your business card is easy to read by only including the most relevant information. There is no need to fill the entire card with colour or copy. 

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