Event Calendars

Help your customers keep track of important dates and occasions with our custom-made Event Calendars!

Zoo Print offers an array of templates and styles so that you could pick and choose a calendar that best suits your business. 

Guidelines for designing Event Calendars 

Add promotions

Use your Events Calendar as an effective marketing tool by adding special discounts, offers and promotions into your calendar. Include your offer at the bottom of the calendar. Ensure that you include contact information so that your customers can reach you to find out more details. 

Pick the correct size 

We offer an array of sizes to suit your design needs. If your calendar will consist of many monthly events, choose our largest size in 8.5”x5.5” dimensions, you can even include these calendars in your booklets and magazines. Make sure to leave room to include your promotional material as well as any personal notes that your customer may want to include. 

Stick to a theme 

Try to incorporate a theme into your Events Calendar. This theme should be in unison with your other promotional material. Include your company colour schemes, logos and official fonts. 

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