Door Hanger High Gloss

Up your game with our High Gloss Door Hangers .

Our High Gloss Door Hangers are more durable and will give you that extra shine that’ll help your door hangers stand out from the clutter. Door Hangers are a great way to promote your business in specific target neighborhoods and suburbs.  

Guidelines for designing Door Hangers

Keep it clear

Figure out the message that you are trying to get across and then keep it short and sweet. Door Hangers should not be cluttered with a lot of text as it is meant to be ready quickly. Choose a catchy headline and keep it simple. 

Double Your Impact

Benefit from double sided door hanger printing! For maximum results, print a catchy headline on the front and then include clear and concise details on the back. 

Keep it creative 

Grab your customer’s attention by adding vibrant images and visuals to your door hanger. Keep it fun and creative. 


We offer door hanger printing on durable 14pt stock. If you are looking for maximum results, choose our high gloss option. 

Product number: DH1001

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