Direct Mail-unaddressed Admail

Unaddressed Admail and Postcard Printing

Reach your target audience conveniently and effectively by reaching out to them with direct mail postcards.

Direct mail postcards help grow a customer base, create brand awareness and promote new products and services. Experience easy and convenience as we print your postcards and mail it out using Canada Post’s Neighbourhood Mail Service. 

Guidelines for designing Direct Postcards

Make a good first impression 

Since you are trying to gain new and potential customers, it is crucial to accurately describe your product or services in a clear and concise manner.  Great ways to build lasting relationships with your customers is to add in your certifications, awards and other qualifications relevant to your business, comparing what your business offers with what your competitors may not etc. 

Size and Content

We offer an array of direct mail postcard sizes in order to meet various customer needs and wants. Choose the size that suits your content and requirements. Be sure not to clutter it with too much information. Instead, you can direct your potential customers to your store or website. 

Contact Information

Make sure to add in all the necessary contact information so that your customers can reach you easily. Ensure that you add details such as phone numbers, websites and social media handles. 

Know your audience 

Take into consideration the neighbourhood and suburb’s you are targeting and craft your direct mail accordingly. If the area has a lot of families, then offer a promotion that will be of interest to them, if the area has a lot of senior citizens craft an offer that will be of interest to them etc. 

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