A-frame Sign

Started a restaurant, café or spa? Then A-Frame Signs are the perfect marketing tool for you. You could use these signs to conveniently display new products, offers, discounts etc.

Draw in customers by placing these outdoor signs that are printed on durable 4mm Coroplast held by a black metal frame. These A-Frame signs are long lasting and weather resistant, making it perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Each metal stand includes two replaceable single sided 4mm Coroplast signs. 

Guidelines for designing Outdoor Business Signs 

Keep it catchy 

Try to include a big catchy headline that advertises your product or service, offer or deals. A catchy headline will give your customers a reason to enter your store. 

Make your customers walk in 

Place your ‘A-Frame’ sign directly in front of your store and include a call to action such as ‘walk in today’, ‘ask our cashier for more details’ etc. This will prompt customers to walk into your store and purchase or inquire about your products or offers.

Keep it consistent

Try to keep you’re A-Frame board eye catching and vibrant. For maximum results hang a banner, display board etc. that coordinates with you’re A-frame Board. The personalized board should always reflect your brand, therefore make sure to use the same colours, fonts and styles as the rest of your promotional material. 

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