Tent Card Standard

Custom made Tent Cards are a great way to conveniently advertise your products and events!

Tent Cards are perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes etc. as they can be placed on tables where customers frequent. You could advertise special offers, events, promotions etc. 

Guidelines for designing your Tent Card

Figure out your message 

Determine what you want to convey to your customer and then base your design and text around that. 

Stand out from the clutter

Most tent cards are placed on tables therefore it needs to be a unique design that catches the eye of your customer amidst all the other table décor and cutlery. Use bright and vibrant images and large headlines that are sure to be noticed by your customer. 


Be sure to take into consideration the size of your table and the décor placed on the table before designing your tent card. The size should complement the other accessories on the table. 

4 x 6.25100---
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