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Printed on clear plastic paper, our Circle Clear Poly Stickers are great for intricate designs.

If you are looking for premium stickers that will last, our Plastic Circle Stickers are a perfect choice. Circle stickers make any design stand out and look effortlessly stylish. We offer size options of up to 4” diameters which gives you the freedom and flexibility to be as creative as you want to be with your sticker design. 

Guidelines for designing Circle Stickers

Choose the correct size 

Figure out the surface on where you wish to place the stickers and then pick the sticker size based on those dimensions. Circular stickers look great on candles, bottles, jars etc. We offer circle sticker printing of up to 4” diameter which allows you to be creative and flexible with your designs. 

Keep it colourful 

If you design your circle sticker in an eye-catching manner, it could prove to be an effective marketing tool. Therefore, using vibrant colours is highly recommended. We offer a gloss finish for round stickers which enhances the colours in bright designs.  .


Printing clear poly stickers is a very popular option amidst our customers as it compliments and works with any promotional material. If your stickers are meant for surfaces that are not smooth, may we suggest you go for our plastic sticker option, that is more durable. Choose our paper circle stickers for a more downplayed look and feel. 

Choose the correct shape

We offer a range of shapes and sizes in order to cater to various customer needs. Choose the shape of your stick based on its design and function. Our other sticker shapes include rectangle cut, oval cut and square cut. 

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