Food Label Rectangle White Paper

Give your brand or product a boost with our rectangle Rectangle White Paper Labels!

Looking for a cost effective and efficient label printing solution? Then our Paper Rectangle Labels are the perfect choice for you! Suitable for printing nutrition chart labels and ingredients lists, we print rectangle label sizes of up to 3.5” x 4”. Please note that these labels are not writable. 

Guidelines for designing Rectangle Labels 

Pick the right size

Figure out the surface on where you wish to place the labels and then pick the label size based on those dimensions. Zoo print offers rectangle food label printing up to 3.5” x 4”, allowing plenty of room for your design.  We offer other label shapes such as square, circle and oval labels. Keep your labels clean and concise and make sure it does not completely cover your product

Choose your colours carefully 

Make sure to choose a colour that best suits your brand and is in line with your logo. If you are using rectangle labels for nutrition charts and ingredient lists, then black text on white background is the best option. Zoo Print offers Rectangle labels in a colour enhancing gloss finish. 


Our paper labels are a popular option with our customers, however, if you are looking for a more durable label, go for our plastic rectangle labels that are perfect for wet or refrigerated products. We recommend choosing our clear square labels for a more sleek and modern look. 

The Perfect Shape

Pick your label shape based on the content in your design. Most packages and products require more than one label, so you may wish to print square, circle and oval labels from Zoo Print. 

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