Food Label Oval Clear Poly

Give your products a sleek and classy look with our Oval Clear Poly Food Labels!

Keep it classy with our Clear Oval Labels that are printed out durable plastic. These transparent labels are sure to compliment your product by blending into the background and allowing your product to shine through. These labels contain a shiny surface are not writable. 

Guidelines for designing Oval Food Labels 

Select the correct size and shape 

The shape and size of your label should be decided based on the surface on which it is placed. Oval Labels work perfectly with jars, bottles and candles. We offer oval label printing of up to 3.5” x 4” allowing you to be creative with your designs. Oval shapes pair well with rectangle labels.  

Keep it colourful 

Keep your labels colourful and vibrant in order to attract the attention of your customers. Try to design labels that compliment your product and logo. For a cleaner look, print text only clear labels that blend into the packaging. 


White Paper Food Labels are a popular option with our customers however, for surfaces that may get stained, we suggest choosing our Oval Poly Food Labels that are more durable. For a sleeker look, consider our clear poly labels.

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