Catch the attention of your customers with our high-quality Clear Circle Poly Food Labels!

Our Clear Poly Circle Labels are printed on durable plastic and are prefect for products which are handled often or kept refrigerated. Please note that these labels contain a shiny surface and is not writable. 

Guidelines for designing Circle Labels 

Pick the correct size 

Select the label size based on the surface on which it will be placed on. We offer circle label printing up to 4” in diameter. Make sure that your label isn’t too big and covers up your product or isn’t too small and is not visible. 

Keep it colourful 

Use bright colours for maximum visibility. Use a colour scheme that goes in line with your logo or company colours. Our custom circle labels are offered in a gloss finish that enhances colours. 


Our paper food labels are a popular choice amidst our customers, however if your product will be handled often, we suggest you go for our more durable plastic label option. For a sleeker look, consider our clear circle labels. 

Pick the correct shape 

Circle labels are unique and will help your product stand out. Most packages require more than one sticker, so consider using our square, rectangle or oval labels. 

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